Stewardship In The Family

Stewardship is carefully, responsibly & wisely managing something entrusted to your care as a caretaker. There is nothing we have that we were not given by God, so God expects faithfulness in all He has committed to us (Ps 24:1). Giving is an external testimony of your faith that God owns all things & He gives it to whoever He finds faithful.

Also, very importantly, God desires faithfulness in our care for our family & particularly our spouse. God’s expectation is that we first give ourselves to Him, secondly to our families & then to our church (2 Cor 8:3-5). We need to give ourselves first to God before our resources. That’s the design of God.

Bible records that the Corinthian church gave themselves to the work of God even beyond their abilities but, note that, even though we give ourselves to be burned as a show of love, without Christ we are burned in vain (1 Cor 13:3).

We are expected to be committed to our relationships & spouse because marriage is a ‘delicate privilege’. You may have invested so much to ‘woo’ or ‘win’ your spouse, you are still a steward responsible to ensure his/her general welfare. Christ expects that we’ll honour our commitments to our spouses come rain, high or fair weather.

Marriage is stewardship, a ‘ministry of service’ to God & to our spouses (Eph 5:21). Treat your spouse well & honourably. Husbands, give & dwell with, your wife in wisdom (1 Peter 3:7 AMP). Wife, Christ wants you as a steward to treat your husband like a king for His (Christ’s) sake at least Eph 5:22-28 (AMP).

God expects that we pay attention to the physiological, emotional, material & spiritual needs of our spouse (Eph 5:21-28). Your children are God’s heritage and we are accountable as stewards for each child we are blessed with.

The truth is that children are God’s good interruptions. He interrupted Joseph’s & Mary’s life plans with Jesus. So they became stewards of God’s only son. Imagine the critical role they played as parents & early mentors. Mary & Joseph taught Jesus responsibility, compassion, accountability, honesty, hard work, integrity… such traits show in a child’s life; beyond genes & chromosomes, we often donate other traits that impact a child’s life greatly.

While we give children the best we should be deliberate about investing Godly values in them from home.

We are to take care of our parents too. It’s our responsibility. Define your parent’s role in your life & relationships. Don’t allow their overbearing tendencies in your own life, marriage or relationships. God will hold you accoutable. God asked Abraham to leave father & mother for reasons of avoiding other influences apart from His (Gen 12).

However, do not be vindictive against your parents. Send them allowances & even to parents-in-law.

As a husband/father, know that your prayer over your family is key. Pray for your spouse & children.

Serve God with your gifts (1 Pet. 4:10-12). You’re a steward for every gift you’re endowed with. Your gifts are God given, you just got them (Exo. 31:2-5). He isn’t looking for gifted people, but for faithful ones (2 Tim 2:2). Gifted people feel so overqualified & inflexible, but, sorry, God uses the foolish things of this world to amaze ‘the wise’. The not so gifted people feel privileged to serve & be used by God until a sense of entitlement sets in.

We should also serve with our spiritual gifts as well (Rom. 12:6-7). At WhiteOlive, we won’t allow you waste your spiritual gifts.

God bless you as you go forth to do extraordinary things in stewardship going forward, in Jesus name.

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