Stewardship Of Self: Self Care

Last time on #WomanWednesday, we were with the woman we described as the quintessential Proverbs 31 woman named Jane. Jane has finally come around to herself. She has realized the need to love herself as she loves others.

Jane was at the spa last weekend, her first after about 10 years of marriage and selflessness to mankind. Jane surrendered herself to a complete spa treatment. She returned home afterwards feeling light & reinvigorated.

Jane’s also decided to leave her “8-5” job that always demanded her to leave home by 5am daily and not come back till very late in the day. Jane is totally on a path of self re-discovery. She’s decided to follow her heart and live her dreams.

She decided to immerse herself in her personal career pursuits while securing herself ample time for her young family.

Jane’s never felt better since her last day as an employee. She doesn’t miss the hustle & honking in endless traffic. She felt like fish out of water in the first few days of the week when she took the children to school & returned home.

She now feels closer to what she was created for. Now she has visibility of her life1. Although she still wakes up early as a result of her body clock that has been on default wake-up-early mode but Jane now spends that pre 8am time in the presence of God first, then her lovely family.

Jane is grateful to the Most High for her wonderful husband who has been a pillar of support, backing her all the way.

Her husband, Jabu, has expressed his encouragement of her dreams & actions in words and in deeds. Besides his undying love for Jane, Jabu is committed to the utmost for his wife, Jane. Jabu’s commitment to Jane is born out of the attitude, resilience, faith, virtues of his lovely wife over the years. He’s eternally grateful for her love, strength & dedication to him over the years, through thick & thin.

It was Jane that gave him his 3 lovely girls. Jane took care of his mum like she was her friend & her own mother. Jane is virtually a mother to his siblings now.

According to him, “She’s indescribable & cannot be compared with another woman. There are many virtuous women, but Jane surpasses them all.”

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