Stewardship Of Self: Self Care

Someone once said that women are care givers, but, question is, how often are women care-takers?

She spends so much time taking care of her family, business & friends that she often fails to take care of herself. She is the quintessential Proverbs 31 woman, up so early & retiring not until late, running the home front efficiently too.

She ought to carefully monitor the resources that keep her alive, healthy & happy but she’s always busy taking care of others to ensure their welfare.

The world does not make it easy for her. Tradition & cultural beliefs tell her that she must take care of others & nothing really about herself. She often doesn’t remember the biblical injunction to “love her neighbour as herself”, she only loves her neighbour.

Not taking on such womanly nature with wisdom has resulted in much loss to some women, including their dreams & confidence. Though a woman is the ‘nurturer’, she cannot achieve anything if she is worn out, spent & holed up away from her dreams. The woman must understand that to give 100%, she must also take 100%, she deserves to be taken care of too. She has to take care of herself as she expects someone to take care of her.

  • Live a healthy live and be generous to yourself, take great care of yourself, your resources and your possessions.
    This is a show of some love to yourself and it would help you manage yourself and ensure your comfort. If you are not comfortable, you may lose confidence in your strength and eventually in your capabilities.
    A diminished self esteem will make you fight with yourself, feel abandoned and you may fall into depression when you think you are not good enough.
    Loving oneself is very important and you must not just love yourself but show that you love yourself by taking time out, pamper and treat yourself to a great time. Buy gifts for yourself every now and then, especially when you have achieved one of your key goals.
  • Take care of your work and do it diligently.
    Your work helps you earn a good living which gives you the resources to take care of yourself, and your other needs.
    As @iamtundeadisa would say, living a comfortable life is proof of God’s existence and love for us.
    To exhibit extraordinary living, you have to manage where your resources come from diligently as it will not drop from heaven. In addition, when you work, you have more confidence in light of your self sufficiency.
  • Taking care of others is the Christian thing to do, especially those who cannot help themselves like the poor, the orphans and widows. In so doing, you reap the rewards and blessings of God. These ‘others’ are not your biological children, your parents or spouse as the case maybe.
    The care you show here is a voluntary self sacrifice to people you do not know or are not directly related to you. It can be in the church or anywhere you may feel compelled to help others.
  • Taking care of your neighbours’ properties. This is the 2nd most important commandment, we should love our neighbour as yourself.
    The law of nature shows that to be loved, we have to love. The Bible says “he that would make friends must show himself friendly”.
    Love/Relationship is reciprocal. Taking care of your surrounding especially your neighbours’ property invariably means you are keeping your environment safe and good to live in.
    As the famous saying goes, no man is an island and so, we share space and if you want to live free and happy, you should take care of the space around you even if it belongs to your neighbour.

These, put together, will help you live a good life, a God-fearing life. When you show the world how happy and full of peace you are, it attracts true love to you and more happiness.

So shake up yourself, get up and make it a point of duty today to show love to yourself as you show to others.

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