Stewardship On The Job

Every organization is guided by policies that dictate how business is done & how people are supposed to interact at the workplace. So all new hires are inducted into this & given job descriptions which is a list of what you’re paid to do.

Beyond the job description, professionals are to behave in certain ways that foster good relationships among staff members. Whatever position we hold is entrusted to us to deliver certain key values with respect to our job role. Without the attitude of gratitude, we would develop a ‘sense of entitlement’. We will not appreciate the opportunities we have, because we think we’re the ones creating the opportunities.

It is understandable that we are good & talented on the job and that we’ve worked hard over the years but it’s also important we remember that everything is given to us for a purpose beyond our very selves.

As an executive with lots of experience, note that you’re responsible for the training & development of your subordinates. Your leadership position in the organization means more good work & an opportunity to impact other lives.

Have a proper perspective as it relates to doing your best for the organization & to all the people you serve in that position.

Beyond the job that brings us together in the workplace, God expects that we improve each other’s lives in special ways, combining our faith & professional skills to support the other’s wellbeing.

Whether you work in a beautiful office space, or you labour on the streets and in the sun, do so in ways that God will be pleased with you. Be grateful for what you have and never take the job you have for granted even if its your very best at the moment.

Pride makes us ungrateful and we begin to feel superior to others. It makes us behave in a condescending way towards other people.

As a good steward, you’re expected to maximize every opportunity you have, be it relationships or material resources. You have to be faithful, loyal & honest with what is committed into your care.

Support everyone within or outside of your team be it a colleague, superior or subordinate. Be very professional on your job but do it with a human face. Remember, policies are made for people and not the other way round.

Be dependable & reliable, these say a lot about your inner person. Be hardworking but not a workaholic.

Be an influencer and an authority in your workplace and watch God give you more opportunities in life

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