Still Blessed

Recently, I got a mail via LinkedIn; they have an opening and they thought I will fit the role. I was to come for an interview. Yaay! I thought, happy me. I have been trusting God for a job for a long time now. The role was that of a Client Solutions manager, reporting directly to the CEO. I knew it was a big role, so I got all the necessary materials and judiciously prepared for it.

Although I had my reservations about the role and even doubted my qualification and experience, I still went with confidence. I got to the venue and I met the panel – the Head of HR, The COO, CEO and it was a very demanding process. I did both written and oral interview and answered tough questions.

After a while, I was called back inside. The CEO said although he liked my confidence and enthusiasm he wasn’t going to give me the job. He felt I still needed to fill some skill gaps. I am a Digital Marketing Expert not a Client Solutions Manager.

While I sat down there feeling disappointed, his next statement surprised me. He was offering me a scholarship for the training I needed to get the necessary skill gap! I sat still, thinking about the whole scenario. When I checked my mail, the confirmation to my scholarship was there and it was a huge sum! Something I would not have been able to afford.

The training will give me an edge and put me at an advantage in future. I give God the praise because I am not disappointed at the turn of events.

God knows how to get us to the next level and He knows the step we need to propel us in that direction. Has God done something different from what you were expecting Him to do? Send us an email now at or simply drop a comment.

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