Stronger Structures – In the Market Place (II)

Indeed, we have a barrage of issues in the market place that creates hordes of opportunities to birth sizzling hot and fresh millionaires. You can only be one of those millionaires when you think ‘solutions’.

Your home country is rated as the worst in open defecation, i.e millions doing their business in public. A phenomenal chunk of your population is actually involved in shameful and unhygienic practices. Most interesting to note is the most embarrassing fact that adults in the market place (not children) are in the majority of the culprits of open defecation.

Did you know that in your country, aged pensioners die on queues struggling to get their eternally overdue pension or to carry out duplicitous identity validation after putting in donkey years in service to their ingrate nation? Isn’t it amazing that same pensioners have worked the nation to the unenviable position it is in today?

You might not be aware that the country is excellently topping the ranks in world poverty ratings. If in doubt, check out the number of beggars on your streets, in the market place, in all sorts of garb – ragged, uninformed, bow-tied; you name it!

Your country is also bursting the charts in the areas of regional insecurity, rural-urban migration, lawlessness, corrupt practices, unruliness, electoral misconduct, get-rich-quick syndrome… to name a few.

Today, for instance, literally every nook and cranny of what used to be the city of Lagos is crawling with unprecedented rural-urban migrants that have hit the market place with a storm of nuances, unethical conducts and acts that will fetch anyone in the western world a lot of disrepute, loss of credibility and a chunk of jail term.

Another offside to these is the fact that it is the grownups, role models and market participants that are responsible for these vices that have so recently bedevilled our market place and whole socioeconomic system.

Aren’t you left to wonder what/who the little ones have left to look up to? Can the religious or faith houses come to the rescue?

Can the market woman/man who carries on with so much unruliness and misconduct be the solution with all their doings in the open?

Haven’t we reached that position where the market place and its participants will stand up to the occasion with intelligent thinking caps and resolve to firm up the system and make the decadence bygone?

Do you see the litter everywhere in the city? The market place is responsible for these. So again, the mess we literally find ourselves in is from the market place.

Solutions abound to make the city a better place.

We could go on and on to point out the anomalies but we know these issues. Now, knowing these truths, solutions are required to set us free from the dirt, corruption, unethical conducts, traffic misdeeds that so easily beset us and seem to have taken root in our system.

Remember that institutions that we look up to are made up of people and those people comprise of you and me, the market place players.

Kings and queens of the market place, only us can ensure that we have a clean environment by simply leaving the refuse in the right places. Only us can set up recycle plants and possibly convert the waste products to power to put a stop to our endless power supply issues, take several idle hands off from the streets and ultimately create a desirable world that may accommodate the capacity of the growing ones now looking up to the market leaders.

The solutions we need are really within us. According to Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda “I would rather argue that we need to mobilize the right mindsets, rather than more funding. After all, in Africa, we have everything we need, in real terms. Whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire. And yet, we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving, without external finance. We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of the mindset”.

What choice will you make today? What sort of market place leader will you be?

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