Stronger Structures – In The Market Place

Well, it is now apparent in certain cadres of our marketplace that structures with more resilience and integrity are required… considering the recent and various tragic incidents with so many victims and casualties relating to structural collapse.

In the same vein, you hear of mass ravaging of communities and mass killings just metres away from the location of so much touted and visible security men and women armed to the scalp, deftly pocketing their collections from motorists.

The state of structural decay is evident in our public service system where almost nothing gets done judiciously and everything is done with targets of personal benefits and most inefficiently. Here, there is no eye for standards or quality.

Have you ever sought professional or scientific services in the civil service?

You’ll be blown away by the level of nonchalance and indifference towards excellence. The officer that should review the building plan and ensure that all is in place for safety purposes is rather contented with a tip or promise of a tip from the applicant for such civil service. Worse still, yet a tip of the iceberg, the “responsible” officer turns a blind eye to commercial buildings being built in areas designated as residential with zero consideration for a parking lot. Our streets are now littered with vehicles parked indiscriminately while the permitting officers are willing the next applicant to stop by their shop.

Have you seen the hordes of commercial motorcycles on our streets these days? One-way, traffic light and no-entry rules are facing extinction. Our enforcement officers set up tolls when they show up to line their pockets with “… the root of all evil” and grant the offenders safe passage on the illegal path.

Sometimes it’s clear that the administration is working in collaboration with its field team that set up the tolls sacrificing honesty, integrity and good conscience on the altar of law and order.

Enforcement has become rare in our land. The structures of standards and patriotism have become so scarce and blurry such that martyrdom is almost a low-hanging fruit for anyone with the courage to dare to be straight in the public sector.

Of the number of aged and dilapidated buildings marked for demolition, guess how many officers have converted such structures to additional personal revenue sources and willing pay-masters of the landlords?

With the shaky structures in our none-existent system, the saying that “he who pays the piper, dictates the tune” is apt.

These so-called structures and standards continue to be eroded like petals frittering away in the wind. It’s a classic case of “the more you look, the less you see”. At this point in our legal, political and moral state of affairs, you can pretty much get away with anything, as long as you can afford to dole out a pittance to the executives of the laws put in place to ensure compliance.

This structural decay is amongst the reasons why an aged building was identified for demolition and Johnny the enforcer seized it as opportunity for extra bread. In the midst of the demolition order, Landlord remodelled the property and a school for children thrived unabated until… the pack of cards came crumbling down. Yet the responsible custodians are basking in the shadows of the existing civil structures and lame excuses are raining from the highest offices.

May the souls of the departed children and others find eternal rest and condolences to their families.

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