Subway Surf And Eternal Life

For a moment there, we were all running wild and free and forever until we tripped or fell and some monster reared its ugly head and swallowed us up. That was Temple Run, an Android game whose popularity at the time seemed to know no end, and whose gaming potential did know no end. But then came along Subway Surf, more urban and relatable: a little kid being a little kid, running away from some guy in a uniform at the subway, awesome.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, I was waiting for a vehicle the morning after the climax of a phenomenal Christian youth camp called Jam Summit, trying to pass time playing a cracked and cheat-empowered Subway Surf when it hit me – this is precisely what eternal life is like.

The cheat made it so that I had unlimited lives in the game. I could get caught a thousand times, and save myself a thousand times because I had an unlimited supply of “keys”. In a similar way, Jesus gave us a cheat in life when He gave us life and life more abundantly. There is therefore now no condemnation against those who are in Christ, so no matter how many times we trip and fall and are apprehended by fear, dejection and guilt dressed up as an overweight officer at the subway, our resurrection life goes poof and just like that we are back running the amazing race. Awesome, right? Awesome enough to warrant a victory song!

What’s more, I didn’t have to stress myself playing the game (I have this ego problem where I can’t play a game on someone else’s phone without wanting to beat the owner’s high score). I was just leisurely running and dodging obstacles, you know, soft work. As in life, every new stumble required more keys to get me back on track than the previous one, but it didn’t matter, my 999999999 lives was not reduced even when it took 999999999 keys to get me back in the game. The same way Jesus is able to restore where the cankerworm has eaten, the lost years. No matter what has been taken, He can replace it 10 times over.

The awesomest awesome? You have all the cool gadgets that go with the game – the skateboard, the spring shoe, the jet pack – everything at your disposal, unlimited, just take it! In Christ, we have love, joy, peace, prosperity, power, love. We have sugar, spice and everything nice without the uncertainty of Chemical X.

But most people don’t know this. They go through life playing by the rules of a fallen world. They do not take advantage of all that is available to them in Christ, they stumble and are caught in the snare of the fowler and they don’t know that Jesus is mighty to save over and over again. Imagine that! When there is wealth to be amassed like coins to a magnet, walls to be scaled like Jetpacks over bridges, you have eternal life, no limits. And of course it’s no fun, to constantly need saving, to constantly start and stop, you have to enjoy the game, be good at it, but no matter what happens, take advantage of your edge.

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