Supernatural Delivery

The conception to delivery of our lovely baby boy was God’s way of showing off his skills as the omnipotent one, all knowing, all powerful and the author of life.

After my wife conceived, the first point of concern was morning sickness and all the drama that we’ve heard comes with it based on research and other people’s experiences. Considering God’s past goodness and graciousness to us, however, we decided to ask God for our own unique pregnancy experiences in contrast to the popular pregnancy stories. God honoured our requests and the miracles started from the get-go. No morning sickness, no spitting, no vomiting, no weakness, no allergies, no ‘out-of-the-box’ cravings, dietary and hormonal systems were very stable. She was as strong as she was before pregnancy, the only noticeable difference was that she became more beautiful.

Weeks became months and months rolled into trimesters. God did it so well that at the 8th month people thought she was just 2 months gone. All the ante-natal sessions were brief and Straightforward, ‘all is fine’ was the doctor’s constant feedback. Up until delivery day(39 weeks and 2 days), to the glory of God there were no labour pains. We were even at the hospital for our regular antenatal sessions(a Saturday) a day before delivery and all was fine as usual while we waited for the big day.

On a Sunday evening, while we were getting set to have dinner, wifey observed a slight flow of water and we knew it was one of the signs that the baby was getting set to come. Minutes later, we saw more flow of water and immediately knew it was time to check into the hospital. Having packed and picked all that was needed we made for the hospital singing praises and thanking God for his perfect work in our lives and the wonder he was about to unveil.

I remember the hospital attendants and nurses didn’t believe when I told them that her water broke and she was ready to be delivered of the baby. This was so because there were no pains. Contrary to popular belief that first-time mums usually go into labour for a minimum of 8 hours which can run into 18 hours before the baby comes, our lovely baby boy came in less than 4 hours to the glory and honour of God. God brought a verse of the Bible (Isaiah 66:7) to our attention and He honoured His words in our lives. We give God all the thanks and glory.

Are you worried or afraid that you may not carry that pregnancy to full term? The pregnancy here can represent something good that you want to see manifest in your life. We connect with you by faith & pray that your dream will not be aborted in Jesus name. Don’t forget to send your testimony to us.. enjoy the extraordinary life.

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