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It had been a tough and rough season for Flourish, she went back to school to get an MSc in Marketing Communication. She wanted the best, so she opted for one of the most prestigious university in Nigeria. She had saved enough to see her through the year and she had it all well planned. She would pay half of the tuition fee, which was over a million, then she would rent an apartment very close to school; which was very expensive, although not as expensive as the school hostel; this would cost over half a million.

She paid half the tuition fee, got herself an apartment and started investing what she had left, hoping that before the end of the program she would have enough to pay the balance, after all, some family members promised to help her too. A friend told her about a certain investment scheme where you get 30% of whatever you invest within 30 days. She even met someone who had invested millions into the scheme and was convinced.

She tried it first with a very small amount of money, it paid off. She decided to go all out and invest all she had. Although she was warned to be careful, she even sensed it in her that maybe God did not want her to do it. Still she took the risk, so she wouldn’t need to depend on her family again to help her. She invested over seven hundred thousand, money meant for her tuition fee. A few weeks later, her investment was due for withdrawal, but she couldn’t cash her money; the system had been frozen! The organisers tried to encourage people thatthe system would bounce back, she knew that her money was gone with the wind.

It was obvious she wasn’t going to graduate because the management made it clear no tuition fee no exam. They gave her an option to drop out for that year and come back the following year, when she had the money in full. She turned almost everybody she thought could help but every single one of them disappointed her, some of her very close friends even stopped picking her call. She asked her bank for a loan but was turned down. She was desperate cried a lot. Then she turned it completely to God, she was spent, and he is her only way out. She stopped trying to help herself and decided to exercise her faith; she held on to the word of God and kept on speaking life to the situation. She received a word for the season that God had already released the help she needed, it would manifest from the most unlikely source.

One day, to her surprise a classmate called her and told her God said she should give her ten thousand, God had remembered! A few weeks later, the same class mate gave her another one hundred thousand naira and another classmate loaned her the same amount. She sold her gold necklace, and her brother sent her some money; a week to the exam she paid three hundred thousand naira. She felt sure the school would let her write her exam but unfortunately on the morning of her exam, the school informed her she won’t be writing the exam unless they got the balance. She was prepared to go home and return the following session, she had tried her best. She told her friend about it and her friend told her she came with her cheque book to help her clear the debt with the school!

Though her friend said it was a loan, but she could pay whenever she had the money. She even told her how God gave her specific instruction to help her. She wrote her exams and today almost a year later, she is still in awe of how God came through for her when she thought it was over.

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