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A Game Of Thrones

You are a vast piece of land and there are Kings, Queens, gods and a God fighting to have creative control over you. Straight outta Westeros are new age philosophies like individualism, neo-sexuality and atheism. The Statue of Liberty is Queen Cersei and she suggests that there’s no line you can’t cross to get what …

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PS4 Vs. Ludo: Power Play

Playstation 4 and Ludo, two very different kinds of games with two different kinds of players. And whether you’re into gaming or not, you best belive, you’ve been playing. Your game starts somewhere between 12 and 13, at the most basic level where you must ask questions like ‘who am I’, ‘where do I come …

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Is The Big Bang Theory Real?

The Big Bang Theory is a popular show on Comedy Central, but it’s also a theory in science that directly challenges the story of Creation in Genesis, by replacing God, with a big, burning ball. Well, not a ball exactly, but it comes down to the idea that everything came out of nothing. So picture …

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