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Redeeming Time And Ideas

Time is an invaluable asset that has been given to everyone everywhere and if you don’t use it you lose it. Ideas, like time, come and go. Juwon (referred to as “Juwon the genius” by close friends) has noticed again, after several experiences, that his delay was going to cost him a lot. The last …

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New Year, New Opportunities

It’s a beautiful #MondayMarket afternoon after the holiday season. Welcome to a brand new year of opportunities. It is time to sit down and decisively map out your opportunities in the industry you operate. Yes, let’s learn a few lessons from last year but last year is obviously not a place to dwell in. You …

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Chase Your Dreams

What’s the dream you have for your business? How do you CHASE it and achieve it without giving up halfway? First, assess your current situation and conduct a reality check of the business. Play all the options in your mind and the worst case scenario; confront your fears and tell yourself it can’t be worse. …

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Not As Bad As You Think

It is true that doing business in this environment is tough, it’s also true that as tough as it is, businesses are still thriving and flourishing. Business and entrepreneurship in themselves are risky adventures anywhere in the world but the odds are harder in this part of the world. The support structures that makes businesses …

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When You Lose Steam

“Is it true sir, that it takes about 10 years to build a credible brand?” Ademar asked his mentor. “I cannot verify that, but I know it takes lots of time, energy and dedication to build a strong business”, replied Dr. Clear. ‎Dr. Clear slammed the door of his car. He parked beside Ademar’s car, …

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