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Managing Your Risks

On the mind of every entrepreneur is profit, even when the road to making such profit is lined with enormous risks. Risk is the probable outcome of an event and all its potential consequences. Business, like life itself, is a risk. ‎Dumbra runs a small sized logistics business. He was doing quite well moving goods …

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Life Of An Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurs live few years of their lives like most people won’t so they can spend the rest of their lives like most people won’t” – Anonymous. Today’s topic is a shout out to all entrepreneurs out there, a reminder that you’re not alone in the hustle. ‎The life of an entrepreneur is like that of …

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Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Your business remains probably the best in your chosen sector until a competition shows up around the corner. A potentially successful entrepreneur must therefore commit to a journey of continuous improvement. You may have started the business alone and was everything to the business until you started recruiting people. There are different mindsets that people …

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Why Do Businesses Fail?

Reasons why many businesses aren’t doing well are numerous. There are a myriad of reasons. In your opinion, what are the real success factors for a business, especially around here? It’s bad that if you ask any entrepreneur whose business is going down, several reasons will be given. Unfortunately, sometimes the real reason is simply …

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Managing Employee Turnover

Bridget owns and runs a restaurant that specializes in African food, it’s about 24 months old now. It’s been quite an experience for Bridget. She has managed to ensure stability and keep the business afloat during the 24 months period however, staff turnover has been high, leaving Bridget wondering “what work culture do we still …

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What is Your Inspiration?

Frank is the first of 7 children in his middle-class family. His family could conveniently afford basic things of life &, sometimes, a little more. In those days private schools were uncommon, like the saying “true ancestries are rare but descendants are common”. Few private schools existed in those days & fewer families attended because …

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