Too Charming To Fit

Lila was everything plastic. She didn’t care though that she was being called that name, all she cared about was looking the part. She learnt long time ago that beauty is the source of everything good and had made a promise she would always look good. Her eyes didn’t know what it felt like to …

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Fundamentals Of Relationships

(Eph. 5:25-27, Prov. 21: 3 (NIV), Gen. 2:22-24) Like we noted earlier, our earthly marriage is symbolic of the marriage of Christ and His church. That is why there is a spiritual dimension to the marriage institution or, indeed, any relationship. Marriage is everything but ‘a necessary evil’ and may be classified into various ministry …

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Loving Your Spouse

Hello Ladies, and the men that love them, and welcome to #WomanWednesday. Today, we conclude our theme on Stewardship with “Loving your Spouse”. Please remember that stewardship means service & care. In other words, really expressing LOVE. Typically, in a spousal relationship you love, show affections, serve, exchange, cohabit with your husband. No matter what …

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