How About Your Business Process?

Businesses don’t just go down overnight. It’s a series of small, yet consistent activities that happen over time. Lots of missing parts and inconclusive events occur in the business’s value chain. The converse is also very true that businesses don’t just succeed overnight. Business success is a function of several great and consistent activities that …

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Financial Literacy

Financial literary is a vital necessity for business people, especially young entrepreneurs.. Small and medium scaled enterprises need to be familiar with the figures and understand its application for business decisions. Understanding and working with figures effectively will determine if a business has a future or not. Financial literacy helps identify how best to allocate …

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From Employee To Employer

Many businesses today are simply “children of circumstances”; they were not created by due process nor were they created for the right reasons. Some start businesses because they lost a job and needed to fix that as quickly as possible. Someone else has been without a job for years and the next reasonable thing to …

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Business Discipline

The character of a business is a pure reflection of the character of the owner. When an entrepreneur is sloppy, the business will be, and when the owner is smart, intelligent and fast, the business too will reflect that. When an entrepreneur lacks character, the business will lack character and will soon have no value. …

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