Improve Your Performance

Helen was about to cross the busy road when she suddenly remembered she’d not responded to an email from her boss. She’s had this running argument between her & her boss on her performance appraisal. At that point, she wasn’t sure whether to continue across the road towards the restaurant or just quickly return to …

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Workplace Emotion

“You know what your problem is? You’re too super-sensitive in your emotions.” Roland’s boss said this to him on his way out of the office. “How can you let emotions take hold of you?” The barrage of questions that followed were like poisonous darts piercing through his self-esteem Roland’s project presentation did not meet the …

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A Contagious Spirit

The moment Moni walks into the hall, the entire atmosphere at the reception changes immediately. As she walks through the hallway, it is with an unusual spirit, so contagious, you can feel the energy. When she greets anyone, it’s with a force and attitude that changes one from inside. Moni has this constant smile on …

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