From Employee To Employer

Many businesses today are simply “children of circumstances”; they were not created by due process nor were they created for the right reasons. Some start businesses because they lost a job and needed to fix that as quickly as possible. Someone else has been without a job for years and the next reasonable thing to …

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Business Discipline

The character of a business is a pure reflection of the character of the owner. When an entrepreneur is sloppy, the business will be, and when the owner is smart, intelligent and fast, the business too will reflect that. When an entrepreneur lacks character, the business will lack character and will soon have no value. …

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Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Your business remains probably the best in your chosen sector until a competition shows up around the corner. A potentially successful entrepreneur must therefore commit to a journey of continuous improvement. You may have started the business alone and was everything to the business until you started recruiting people. There are different mindsets that people …

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Distracted By Distractions

Good day, career professionals. Today on #TieTuesday, we’re dealing with distractions that can make a mess of your speed and upward trajectory at work. Distractions are everywhere. In our homes, on the way to the office and even at work itself. They are part of our daily lives and though they don’t appear as distractions, …

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