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Stewardship In Finances 2

Last week we started on the place of our stewardship in our finances. We continue on the topic today. God expects our stewardship in the support of Church projects because it is part of the reason for His blessings. God said Israel would get whatever they wanted from the Egyptians, it later happened as God …

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Stewardship In Finances

We started a new discussion on Stewardship last week which we defined as ‘servanthood’. To hold in trust for the owner. So a steward waits in service to the owner of an item. Therefore we are stewards of God’s grace & resources. You don’t own anything. God owns everything. You don’t own your life, money, …

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My Money Sense

Last Christmas was amazing for Vince, as he’s fondly called by his friends & many of his colleagues. Vince works for a multinational telecom as senior HR executive; he’s responsible for all hires especially the top notch ones. He earns well, lives well and looks every inch a successful executive but something always seems missing …

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