Rethink Your Love

Rita was undergoing depression. She felt lost; life was not going as she expected it to. She just lost her job and, not long after, her fiance. She had always believed that to get the best out of life, one had to study hard, pass your exams and get a good job. She also believed …

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Gracefully Single

Temi ran down the stairs in a panic, her mind flooded with a barrage of emotions and fear – could she be the only one left out of the pack again this year? Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and with no husband, fiancé, boyfriend or even ‘toaster’ on the radar; it looked like 2018 will …

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Reaching Out With The Gospel 2

There’s a lot of frustration in the world today & it is complicating our lives; our world needs Christ as the only solution. Human government & systems are collapsing. There are several approaches to reaching out to the world with the gospel. The first approach is to work with the mindset that your job is …

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