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The X-Men Evolution

If you’re a comic book fan then you might know a bit about the X-Men. An elite group of superheroes who have superpowers granted to them by the X-gene. A gene which allows for the natural progression to the next evolutionary step. In essence the gene allows you to go beyond being Homo Sapien, to …

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SARS: King Herod’s Goons

Young, black, male and Nigerian? Then you are part of one of the endangered species of the 21st Century! Worse still there’s no protection, there’s a license to manhandle you on sight. But why do you have a target on your chest? The 21st Century young Nigerian male is under sociological, psychological and even physical …

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The Pre-Karius Life

If dreams come true, then so do nightmares. And everyone’s worst nightmare is failure. Take Karius who by most accounts cost Liverpool the Champions League title. A perfect life is possible, but chances are, like Karius, you’ll make a few mistakes along the way. The pressure of a thousand eyes on you is overwhelming. Even …

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Praise Is Not An Emoji

Smiley face, smiley face, wherefore art thou, smiley face? Indeed, sometimes joy is like the elusive Romeo in Shakespeare’s tragedy, and we are the lovelorn Juliets on balconies, wondering how our only love could spring from our only hate. We hate to be depressed, which ironically, makes us even more depressed. The cartoons you watched …

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A Slay Queen’s Emancipation

Amaka Crawford is haaaaawt, yes, emphasis intended! She’s the reason why this 🔥 emoji exists. Her twerk game is on fleek! She even has the biggest baddest gangsta on IG- @YtodaA – catching feels. But lately, something’s been terribly wrong. Now that Amaka’s done with school and back under her dad’s roof, she doesn’t have …

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A Game Of Thrones

You are a vast piece of land and there are Kings, Queens, gods and a God fighting to have creative control over you. Straight outta Westeros are new age philosophies like individualism, neo-sexuality and atheism. The Statue of Liberty is Queen Cersei and she suggests that there’s no line you can’t cross to get what …

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