The Influential Entrepreneur

Donald started his foray in business as soon as he finished his youth service. He’s tried his hands on a couple of ventures that failed but his passion for entrepreneurship kept him trying. He eventually stumbled upon the printing business which he went into, gave his best and today, the business has grown very rapidly. …

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When You Make Money

Life is not all about making money, hitting the big leagues or rolling in silver and gold. Join us on #MondayMarket to find out more. Now that the money has come indeed and you’re living the dream; Business has boomed, customers have responded, the policies have been helpful – see the instance of Berkshire Hathaway …

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Stewardship In Finances 2

Last week we started on the place of our stewardship in our finances. We continue on the topic today. God expects our stewardship in the support of Church projects because it is part of the reason for His blessings. God said Israel would get whatever they wanted from the Egyptians, it later happened as God …

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Stewardship In Finances

We started a new discussion on Stewardship last week which we defined as ‘servanthood’. To hold in trust for the owner. So a steward waits in service to the owner of an item. Therefore we are stewards of God’s grace & resources. You don’t own anything. God owns everything. You don’t own your life, money, …

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