God factor

Faith To Disrupt

Dinosaurs went extinct. Cars replaced horses, Netflix and Kwesé are in the process of dethroning television. Apple turned technology into fashion & every single one of these things was a game changer, a great risk. But as Nikola Tesla and J.P Morgan proved with the commercialization of electricity, the greatest entrepreneurs are those with the …

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The Angel Investor’s Faith

Toni, an Investor extraordinaire by all standards in the community he resides, has his tentacles spread out to real estate, commodities and fashion. Because he has made his mother proud, close friends call him Papilo 😄 In his early days as a campus entrepreneur (where he made shirts to sell for extra quid), his father’d say …

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Business Worketh By Love

“For a business to thrive, it must find its why, its reason for being because business can’t be about money alone” – Simon Sinek. According to Paul, the Apostle, faith grows, love should too. Is your business only about profitability or also about purpose? Does it solve a problem and is that solution what really …

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Numbers That Work

Just like without faith it is impossible to please God, without data and relevant statistics it is impossible to please investors and clients. TD Jakes in his book ‘Instinct’ advices that “…after you let your hunch lead you somewhere, you do your homework and get all the facts required”. “A key to being in any …

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And God Rested

Rest is an essential element to achieve balance in our quest for success in business and life. It’s the zone where all the hustle and hassles of the market place are excluded. In addition to the daily 6 hours when we’re required to hit the off switch and sleep, weekends and annual holiday are opportunities …

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Steve Wozniak Principle

What’s Moses without Aaron? Steve Jobs without Wozniak? Michael Jackson without Quincy Jones? Fola Adeola without Tayo Aderinokun? Many great businesses are built on a dynamic duo, a partnership, two people who, alone, are snowballs but together are an avalanche. Identifying a great partner in destiny for your business may be complicated but will give …

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Executive In/Discretions

The bigger the empire, the greater the temptations. How can a person manage vices as a top executive? After he made king, did Solomon yield to every temptation? “Vanity of vanities”, says the Preacher, “All is vanity!” It’s gone well so far for me. My name is Abbas. I’m a happy man who’s paid his …

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Wolf Of Broad Street

Is it possible that the motive for establishment of an enterprise shows in the disposition of both the entrepreneur and the environment? The response to this poser is not far fetched. Many people pray and hope to work with fantastic bosses and business leaders who they believe will help them succeed, fulfilled and excited about …

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The Social Exchange Rate

Amanda is an amazon in the eyes of her father and family. She’s a one-girl construction squad. In the midst of crisis Amanda always comes through, rallying everyone and resources to ensure body and soul remain intact and ship on course. She has recognized her potentials, harnessed and channeled it into events management and organizing. …

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