God’s love

Rethink Your Love

Rita was undergoing depression. She felt lost; life was not going as she expected it to. She just lost her job and, not long after, her fiance. She had always believed that to get the best out of life, one had to study hard, pass your exams and get a good job. She also believed …

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Gracefully Single

Temi ran down the stairs in a panic, her mind flooded with a barrage of emotions and fear – could she be the only one left out of the pack again this year? Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and with no husband, fiancé, boyfriend or even ‘toaster’ on the radar; it looked like 2018 will …

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My Spinderella Story

“Nosen!” I could hear Tony calling me, but my mind was very far away. We were in the delivery room and I was holding my new born son – however, I had wandered into the land of flashbacks. When I was a little girl, I always dreamt of having it all – a great career, …

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The Waiting Game

Everything in life is based on seasons. And when you understand this, ‘The Waiting Game’ will be worth the time. We all love when flowers bloom, the sweet smell of nectar and the bright colours. Yes, everything in life has its time and season. If you like food, you understand it takes time to prepare; …

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Dear Young Wives

Dear Young Wife, now that the honeymoon is over, how do you feel? It’s been a month, a year or two… Are you still as excited & in love as you were when you made those vows? Someone once said “Dating is Dreaming, Courtship is Planning & Marriage is REAL LIFE”. It’s only natural for …

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Woman Of Worship

In January, I heard voices in my head… Not the ones you think. The ones that say ‘I know I can do all things through Christ’. In February, I was full of enthusiasm and hope; knowing the year would be full of blessings – ‘How great is our God’. In March, I hit a brick …

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A Grateful Heart

Welcome to a wonderful #WomanWednesday as we thank God for the last days of the year. You must agree it’s been a good one? Every day, for the past 339 days, we woke up, went out and came back home safe to do it all over again. We had time to share happy moments with …

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Engulfed In His Love

Sally was so excited. She had over 200 views of the video she posted on social media and counting! Not to talk of positive comments and commendations… it all felt good, no lie. She was thinking of the next post, the next image, what she could write that would garner even more reactions. Sally heard …

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The Peace God Gives

Hello there and welcome to another beautiful edition of #FreestyleFriday. Today on #FreestyleFriday, we reassure you of “The Peace God Gives” Enjoy today’s #FreestyleFriday and please remember to share your comments and thoughts in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this with friends and loved ones using the share buttons!

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