Hard work

Change And Your Career 2

Last week we looked at changes that may occur in our career that we also need to be prepared for. We saw that changes occur from the foundation of our career up through the rungs of one’s career progression. Discover more in this second edition of “Change & Your Career” & be greatly impacted. Moving …

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Change And Your Career

Changes occur in your career & you must be prepared for change management to survive. It’s easier to transition from NYSC into your first employee role as you may have relied on everyone around you to survive. The freedom to rely on everyone including the kitchen sink is lost the very moment you have an …

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Culture Of Hard Work

Hard work means different things to different people. It is deliberately applying your ability with focus and intensity. Naturally, we avoid anything that will task us beyond the normal and especially any activity we find difficult or strenuous, but that’s what work is all about, it will require our focused energy and time. Consider this …

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