I Need A Miracle!

We all pray for a miracle. Some don’t even pray, they demand it; whether we deserve it or not. Sade had never seen the 4 walls of a church since her undergraduate years yet she believed she was being jazzed. Her enemies didn’t want her to get married even though she’s wife material with extra …

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Health Is Wealth

Remember that age old saying; “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Childhood slogan for some of us. Well, it seems that saying holds sway till date, considering the proliferation of activity and fitness centres nowadays. We are prone to mistake our 8-5 lifestyle as evidence of wellbeing and fitness, even though we …

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Stewardship Of Self: Self Care

Someone once said that women are care givers, but, question is, how often are women care-takers? She spends so much time taking care of her family, business & friends that she often fails to take care of herself. She is the quintessential Proverbs 31 woman, up so early & retiring not until late, running the …

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Grace Chronicles: Our Healer

Wale woke by 4am on this particular beautiful Monday morning. He woke up elevated, ready to take on the world with loving thoughts in his mind to pay his mum a visit. As he got up to start the activities of the day, he felt weak to his bones, he suspected he was coming down …

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