From Employee To Employer

Many businesses today are simply “children of circumstances”; they were not created by due process nor were they created for the right reasons. Some start businesses because they lost a job and needed to fix that as quickly as possible. Someone else has been without a job for years and the next reasonable thing to …

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Business Discipline

The character of a business is a pure reflection of the character of the owner. When an entrepreneur is sloppy, the business will be, and when the owner is smart, intelligent and fast, the business too will reflect that. When an entrepreneur lacks character, the business will lack character and will soon have no value. …

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Focused Employees

The quality of its human resource is an organization’s most powerful asset, but it can also be its worst nightmare. Which are you to your organization, an asset or liability? Mensah had worked 3 years in an asset management company before leaving. His reason for leaving was a mix of several events that had happened …

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Dare To Be Different

The conformist seems to be the latest invention of our time, i.e individuals who are swayed by vague notions. Conformists are everywhere around us, in religious settings, in families, institutions & most especially in the workplace. Conformists are people who stand for nothing. They live & operate by the ideals & values of others, they …

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