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Miracle Job

Do you believe in destiny, fate… or that seemingly unrelated things could just be coincidences working out for your good? Read on for Dora’s testimony on today’s #ThankfulThursday. Dora had been out of a job for more than a year and had almost given up searching. She had lost hope. She was one of those …

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Divine Repositioning

We all deserve ‘Divine Repositioning’ read Tolu’s story and revive your faith as we believe we will be sharing your story soon! My life was almost perfect. I mean, positive people like me expect the best in corporate mergers but I got the worse of it. I was the head of HR in my establishment, …

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His Time, Best Time

It is said that “man proposes, God disposes” because His time is the best. This is Akpo’s testimony. “I went for the job interview I was scheduled to attend for a chat with one of the business executives. We didn’t discuss my position, he only asked & I said the panel told me. He responded …

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