The Bottom Line Race

The race for a formidable bottom line is, more often than not, the factor that drives business ventures and entrepreneurial initiatives. You want to increase your return on investments while simultaneously seeking information on what the competition is doing. You compare your competitors’ output and scope of coverage and strategize to match or exceed their …

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How Creative Is Your Business?

When the heat becomes too intense in the room, you either adapt to it or you check out of the room. This principle is universally applicable, including business. Every business is supposed to solve problems and generate great revenues based on the level of problems solved. However, any business that is not solving problem has …

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The Influential Entrepreneur

Donald started his foray in business as soon as he finished his youth service. He’s tried his hands on a couple of ventures that failed but his passion for entrepreneurship kept him trying. He eventually stumbled upon the printing business which he went into, gave his best and today, the business has grown very rapidly. …

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When You Make Money

Life is not all about making money, hitting the big leagues or rolling in silver and gold. Join us on #MondayMarket to find out more. Now that the money has come indeed and you’re living the dream; Business has boomed, customers have responded, the policies have been helpful – see the instance of Berkshire Hathaway …

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Gaining Influence For Your Business

Influence is a powerful tool that gives your business leverage in a fast, changing and competitive marketplace. Since Influence is the capacity to affect the character, development and or behaviour of a person or thing, the marketplace is not excluded. As an entrepreneur, understanding how to amass influence and use it for the benefit of …

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Memorialize It!

“Yeah, the deal’s definitely going to be done this time around”. Twiny and Joe had concluded discussions on how to manage the franchise rights. They seem ready to live happily ever after. So, they would share the costs of the capital expenditure and operating expenses: 50/50 for a period of 4 months after which they …

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