Real Entrepreneurs

So what’s the fuss about being an entrepreneur? The idea of entrepreneurship needs to be properly defined for ease of understanding. We’re in an era where we brag about being entrepreneurs as if it’s a special title you wear like a badge or medal. We carry it on, flaunting and violating the rules of engagement …

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Ekundayo’s Funding Strategy

You are definitely wondering about the substance of the topic, trying to figure out what Ekundayo is up to again… Ekundayo is a shrewd business woman who has improvised and strategized in the past few months to meet her business needs. She so far appears to be mastering her strategy and it’s becoming quite fun …

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Redeeming Time And Ideas

Time is an invaluable asset that has been given to everyone everywhere and if you don’t use it you lose it. Ideas, like time, come and go. Juwon (referred to as “Juwon the genius” by close friends) has noticed again, after several experiences, that his delay was going to cost him a lot. The last …

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What Drives Your Business?

Born into a poor family of 7 children, Eben struggled through his childhood. He was the first of the pack and a role model for his siblings. Hence, most of the time he was acting under pressure. He seemed to be in a race and struggle. Over time, it became part of him as he …

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A Contagious Spirit

The moment Moni walks into the hall, the entire atmosphere at the reception changes immediately. As she walks through the hallway, it is with an unusual spirit, so contagious, you can feel the energy. When she greets anyone, it’s with a force and attitude that changes one from inside. Moni has this constant smile on …

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