The Waiting Game

Everything in life is based on seasons. And when you understand this, ‘The Waiting Game’ will be worth the time. We all love when flowers bloom, the sweet smell of nectar and the bright colours. Yes, everything in life has its time and season. If you like food, you understand it takes time to prepare; …

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The Fruitful Couple 3

Joke wanted a baby badly. She felt women got the bad side of the story when a marriage was not blessed with a child. She made demands that Soji found ‘not loving’. Why should they make love at a particular time & in a particular way? It was boring to him but he wanted to …

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Steady But Surely

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s an absolutely valid statement & true for any successful venture in life. Most entrepreneurs know the pain of starting a business venture especially if it doesn’t work according to plan but entrepreneurs also need to know the power of building a successful business steadily but surely. …

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