Street Culture

Understanding Wealth

The Government: “Nigerian youths are lazy!” Nigerian youths: “Our public office holders are inept and corrupt!” Who are your roles models? Is education a scam? In a system where a president need not be a BSc. holder to rule a country, but you go to school, spend maybe 7, 5 or 4 years, graduate, serve …

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Mary Had A Little Lamb

It was a terrible, terrible day. I mean the mass shootings in America, the revolution and lack thereof in Nigeria, not to mention being over halfway through the year and not yet meeting your new year resolutions, but this, this was the worst! First of all, Herod’s men went around committing infant genocide by killing …

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You Are Dying

God has given each and every one of us an intention and purpose. Life, as we see it, is really not only about talent. Many of us are simply living in fear, doing the same things we have always done because we feel comfortable and safe. We forget that we can never get back every …

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