Time management

Time Management… Like A Boss

Angie was so frustrated and overwhelmed – she was late for that presentation. Again! It was getting too embarrassing. She would prepare, make plans, set alarms and still have to rush into meetings – it was almost becoming part of her ‘brand’. It didn’t help that colleagues thought she was over-ambitious by tackling so many …

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Managing Your Time

Time is a beautiful gift from God just like the ‘gift of life’. It’s a revealer & a healer. Our time is allotted to us daily – brand new & loaded, and we are expected to maximize it. Because we were created in the image & likeness of the infinite God, we are designed to …

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Distracted By Distractions

Good day, career professionals. Today on #TieTuesday, we’re dealing with distractions that can make a mess of your speed and upward trajectory at work. Distractions are everywhere. In our homes, on the way to the office and even at work itself. They are part of our daily lives and though they don’t appear as distractions, …

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