Redeeming Time And Ideas

Time is an invaluable asset that has been given to everyone everywhere and if you don’t use it you lose it. Ideas, like time, come and go. Juwon (referred to as “Juwon the genius” by close friends) has noticed again, after several experiences, that his delay was going to cost him a lot. The last …

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Rising Above The Challenges

The journey to creating wealth as an entrepreneur is an interesting but difficult one, especially in Nigeria. It’s started by many but ends with only a few success stories of strong and focused people. It takes, like Maya Angelou said, “…seeing the diamond in the stone”. In this neck of the woods, there are many …

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Extraordinary Children

Abraham Maslow propounded human hierarchy of needs theory, he focussed on fulfilling innate human needs in order of priority. By Maslow’s Theory, human needs begin with the basic physical to the non-essential intangible needs. Everyone of us humans have needs. Our needs are divided into the physical & emotional. Our physical needs are met by …

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Opportunity Comes, But Once

Jabu got this lifetime opportunity to meet with a major music producer visiting from the U.S. He got the notice late the previous day. He was away in Kano & needed to rush to Lagos to make the meeting. The producer was scheduled to leave for U.S. same day but Jabu was still in Kano …

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Stewardship of God’s Assets

An asset is a useful thing or person with economic value that an individual or organizations owns or controls with expectation of future benefits. God wants us to be stewards of our Time (Eph 5:16), and physical body he has given to us. What is time? Time is the limited period during which an action …

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Steady But Surely

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, that’s an absolutely valid statement & true for any successful venture in life. Most entrepreneurs know the pain of starting a business venture especially if it doesn’t work according to plan but entrepreneurs also need to know the power of building a successful business steadily but surely. …

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