Spend Or Invest

Hi, I am Temilade and my chest hurts – it’s nothing physical. I just gained admission for my MBA in LBS; as the good news warmed my heart, the full force of the cost also hit me. Here is why… I have worked for my employer for 7 years, and been up for a promotion …

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The Pink Ribbon

Grace stood in front of the mirror and watched as strands of hair gave way to her touch, it had become a norm. Her beautiful thick long hair was a shadow of it’s glorious days. She could not even visit the saloon anymore. She remembered how she use to pat them and pack into two …

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Hey, Girlfriends!

‘Yeye dey smell’, said a frustrated Kate to herself. She was tired of not knowing who to trust in the web of friends and family. In the last 3 months, she had been betrayed in more ways than one. Her secrets were not safe anymore. If it wasn’t Rita telling Kate what Kate had confided …

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Time Management… Like A Boss

Angie was so frustrated and overwhelmed – she was late for that presentation. Again! It was getting too embarrassing. She would prepare, make plans, set alarms and still have to rush into meetings – it was almost becoming part of her ‘brand’. It didn’t help that colleagues thought she was over-ambitious by tackling so many …

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The Fruitful Couple 3

Joke wanted a baby badly. She felt women got the bad side of the story when a marriage was not blessed with a child. She made demands that Soji found ‘not loving’. Why should they make love at a particular time & in a particular way? It was boring to him but he wanted to …

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The Fruitful Couple 2

So, Joke and Soji are still on a roll in their marital bliss, yet to receive reward of the fruit of the womb. We already saw that they met a fertility specialist and were scheduled for fertility/infertility tests. It’s complex and very complicated to try to narrow down why couples experience delay in conception. Often …

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The Fruitful Couple

Joke was a career woman married to a career man, Soji. Joke loves her job. Their’s wasn’t a marriage of convenience, they were over each other like chocolate cream & ice cream. They are both blessed in their respective jobs but they are yet to bear any child. Nine years on after their marriage, Joke …

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Sexual Harassment

Tina was confused. What did she do wrong, how did she lead Bob on? It was strange and sad all at once. Tina felt in a mess. Bob claimed she created it, but she couldn’t fathom how and now her job was at stake. Tina and Bob have worked in the same company for over …

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