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Staying Relevant In 2018

In a recession, organizations find it hard to meet their financial obligations. Many tend to go for cost saving mechanisms such as downsizing, or ‘rightsizing’, that results in people losing their jobs; people are considered irrelevant and not crucial to the company’s survival. Here are a few helpful tips to keep us relevant in the …

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Truly Thankful

“It’s so easy to take things for granted & I mean EVERYTHING, especially if things just work on autopilot for you”, said Lanre. For a moment, Martha was lost in thought about what her friend & colleague, Lanre just said. They were having lunch at a restaurant across their office complex. “You didn’t have to …

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Loyalty And Betrayals

Reuben had worked with Jay, his senior manager, for 6 years. He was a pioneer staff of the company. Everything started right before him. It was just a budding company then. The whole of the company occupied just a small office space with a passionate and driven team, little funds, lots of energy and a …

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Workplace Impact

We are created as relational beings, thus we thrive on relationships, in the marketplace or our personal lives. Even in the office space, relationships are vital for achievement of goals and objectives of an organization. Our immediate/extended team is more important than our position or monthly pay. Therefore, managing our relationships is like managing the …

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Sexual Harassment

Tina was confused. What did she do wrong, how did she lead Bob on? It was strange and sad all at once. Tina felt in a mess. Bob claimed she created it, but she couldn’t fathom how and now her job was at stake. Tina and Bob have worked in the same company for over …

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