The Angel Investor’s Faith

Toni, an Investor extraordinaire by all standards in the community he resides, has his tentacles spread out to real estate, commodities and fashion. Because he has made his mother proud, close friends call him Papilo 😄

In his early days as a campus entrepreneur (where he made shirts to sell for extra quid), his father’d say to him, “My son, pay attention to God’s Word, incline your heart to His sayings, they are light to those who find them…” Toni never forgets his father’s wise counsel. These and lessons of life as an entrepreneur have translated into daily nuggets in business for Toni. It’s not been a perfect world but he’s grateful he’s getting by. He is proud and feels successful about certain decisions he’s taken as a businessman. The numbers show that he’s invested wisely and not amiss. In addition to the strategy of gathering pre-investment data over investment targets, Toni follows his guts.

His wife, Tomi, with whom he shares tons of information, says he invests by ‘faith’. For instance, the last set of products he considered ploughing funds into ended up not to be because after all the analysis, his heart didn’t go with it. More often than not, Toni believes in the success of a product before ploughs resources into it and this has worked for him so far, even in the area of engaging employees. His last foray into date palm turned out to be disastrous. He was sold out to the idea of investing in dates but somewhere in the inner recess of his heart, he couldn’t find his usual mustard seed. Somehow, he didn’t share his skepticism with Tomi or anyone.

He’s never attributed his “success” to wits, skills, strength or speed. He also knows he’s not been lucky, he’s only been a beneficiary of His mercies. He believes he’s special in God’s big eyes like an apple in the tropics. But Toni never takes this favour for granted, thus he never toys with his due diligence. Some of the guys in his team were definitely not stars when Toni took them on. They didn’t even think so much of themselves.

But Toni had his personal convictions about them, he saw the uncut diamonds so he hired them without regard for the usual paper considerations. He saw them as young people waiting for an opportunity to happen to life. Over and again he reiterates to them that they are not a cosmic accident, he’s taking them on because of his faith in them, their ability to deliver the numbers and ensure customer satisfaction. Notwithstanding the realities on ground, he’s managed to put together a team of youth that work with their heads high, are positively driven and result-oriented for the business and themselves.

“I know that I can make it” subliminally plays back in his team’s minds more often than not. They hold each other up. He does not discount their failures, but at relevant points they correct it, step on it and move on to the next level. Although his team’s salary is not the best ever, it’s slightly more than an average take-home as they are able to save some in the bank, his faith in them has catapulted them to the realms of extraordinary workers.

Can we ever overstate the place of faith in business ventures or people we engage to work with to build our business empires? Without faith in these key areas, we are prone to have little or no pleasure in our pursuits with little or no joy. As a modern day entrepreneur, what do you believe in? The facts and numbers? Your gut? A blend of both? Let’s continue the conversation on today’s #MondayMarket

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