The Animated Life Is Supernatural

We are not a small church trying to be like another church. This is a generation of precision & power. We are about destiny & the extraordinary move of God for our time. We cannot walk in ignorance or in darkness. We’re fulfilling a unique role in the body of Christ.

Many of us watch children cartoons. The characters are simple drawings “animated” by technology. Ordinary drawings come alive! A common example is the Tom & Jerry series. By virtue of technology, they became animated. You also have “Superheroes” such as the Superman, Spiderman, Cat-woman etc. The Superheroes have super powers beyond ordinary humans…, they’re super humans. They could do the impossible. It will be an awesome experience to witness their supernatural abilities manifest in the natural.

That’s how Christians are suppoesed to be; we’re not designed to function in our natural abilities. We are supposed to leverage the ‘Spirit’. Jesus told the disciples in Luke 24:49 to wait in Jerusalem. Why? They’re going to be animated from above! (Act 1:8). In Act 10:38 & Act 4:33 we see secrets of Jesus & secrets of the Apostles. They will recieve power.

In Hebrew 6:1 Apostle Paul testifies of those who have experienced this spiritual animation made possible by the Holy spirit. These pioneers of faith experienced the supernatural such that they literally lived in it.

In the Old Testament there are different dimensions of the supernatural experience. Samson acted like a superhero in Judges 13-16. Enoch in Genesis was so animated that he worked with God & he simply disappeared from our realm of living. Elijah who was “a man like us” called down fire & brought drought & plenty. This same man did not see death… 1 Kings 18.

If we take away the Power & the Spirit filled life, there will be nothing else in Christianity. Apostle Paul, who was also a man like us, said he was caught up to the third heaven where he heard things (2 Cor 12:1-5). He sent His word & healed. His “word” is Him. The more encounter we have in the word (the Bible) the more we are animated.

When Jesus was going to heaven, he levitated. Do you know what that means? The laws of gravity was suspended for Him. If an aircraft is going to take off, it has to generate sufficient thrust & power to lift itself off the ground into the air.

Finally, until we seek the power & dare, we may not know how to experience this animation from above (Mark 16:16-17). The power is upon us. Elisha tested the anointing at Jordan and parted the River Jordan.

We will dare new things in WhiteOlive & enjoy animated supernatural living. We are happy to have you on board to enjoy the animated supernatural life with us.


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