The Art Of Creative Solutions

TEXT: Genesis 6:5-7 (MSG) 1 Kings 4:29 (MSG)

Let’s start with answering the questions; “What is a problem? What is a challenge?”

Most people consider challenges and problems to be synonymous. What one person considers a challenge can be seen as a problem by another. It depends on the way you view it.

Challenge: A challenge is a very demanding task or situation. A task or situation that tests one’s abilities.

Problem: A problem is something difficult to deal with or undertake. A source of perplexity or distress or vexation. A problem may appear as an impossible barrier, but it usually has a solution (read James 1:2-4).

Is it possible for Christians to have problems and or challenges?

It’s possible to have good problems and bad ones too. There are simple ordinary problems and there are serious complex problems. Truth is, no situation, problem or circumstance is designed to overwhelm a Christian (1 Cor 10:13-14 (MSG).

God once had the following complex problems which He chose to see as challenges;

1. There was Satan in heaven (Revelations 12:7-9; Isaiah 14:12-16)
2. There was an empty and void earth (Genesis 1:2)
3. There was the sin problem in the days of Noah (Genesis 6:5-7)
4. There was the tower of Babel (Genesis 7)
5. The need to free Israel from slavery and oppression because they’re always getting into trouble… so he sent Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samson etc
6. Man’s sin problem and Jesus had to come into the scene.

Every time there was a miracle, it was because it was a solution to a problem. A miracle is God stepping in. It is answer to problems/challenges. There were personalities in the Bible who also faced problems, people we consider spiritual such as Job, Daniel, Joesph etc. They prayed and fasted but it wasn’t just that, they did more. So many problems don’t answer to prayers and fasting, e.g national development, good leadership etc.

How do you solve a debt problem, housing, no job, no spouse? etc.

Most people won’t take responsibility for resolving the problems/challenges in their lives. They blame others, they outsource both the problem and the solution.

Some ways of resolving the problems/challenges in ones life include:

  1. Find the root cause of the problem. It may involve prayers and fasting so as to gain Godly insight. Our world operates in two dimensions – natural and supernatural dimensions (Luke 13:10-11).
    What is the problem? Is it really a problem or a challenge? Who is responsible, you or circumstances? (1 Chronicles 21:1-2). Was David or his people responsible for the deaths in Israel? If you’re not faithful in little. Can’t get a job? Why? How? Check your interview performance, CV, your packaging, attitude etc. How do you finance your business? People don’t invest in an idea but in people. Do it first before asking people to help you… no one really helps in business. Some people will not come near until they’ve seen the crowd around you … that’s just people. Without sound character, your life/way will be hard.
  2. Begin your extensive consultation using both physical and spiritual approaches.
    What is the Word saying about it?
    Get a revelation from the word. There is a word for every problem in the Bible.
    Every problem has a solution. Just as inside a fruit is the seed, so in every problem is a solution.
    Apostle Paul said “…thrice I prayed to the Lord that it might depart from me …” (2 Corinthians 12:8-10). There are so many solutions in books that we never read… so much. In Daniel 9:2 and 2 Timothy 4:13, we learn that we understand by books. I once went for a medical check and doctor wrote so much … I felt more sick until I consulted Google and understood what the doctor had written.
  3. ‎Be prepared for the period of resolution. It may take some time to finally overcome but you will if you stay the course. Every challenge/problem has an expiry date on it. It either leaves you better or worse. A pregnancy takes 9 months. Joseph didn’t leave prison just like that.
  4. Get to work on the resolution. Adjust your mindset. Have a mental shift. Apostle Paul said thrice I prayed to the Lord (2 Corinthians 12:8-10).
  5. Continue to confess the Word and act in faith until you see change… (2 Corinthians 4:13, Mark 11:23).
  6. ‎Leverage on the testimonies of others. There are people around and even in scriptures who have had the problems resolved.

Truth is, God will intervene when we trust Him.

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