The Employer’s Employee

An office is an assortment of different personalities. There is the dedicated to duty, lassez-faire, eye service, task procrastinator, etc. There is the grumpy, grouchy, overly happy and ever smiling types. There is also the can-do, reach-over-the-moon, aim-for-the-skies and then the-afraid-to-get-off-the-ground types.

Who can be described as the best type of employee? What kind of personality can win awards year in, year out or get recommendations? Let’s take a look at some qualities.

Dedicated: This is not in the eye-service kind of way and definitely not in the sense of been seen to be doing something when the boss is around. A dedicated employee is the one that does his/her duties even when the boss is not around. He does not wait to be told to get his job done rather.

Initiative: An employer’s employee is one who uses his initiative in carrying out tasks within his purview whether assigned to him or not. Such employees make the office run efficiently.

Attitude: They maintain a positive mental attitude around the office and hardly allow home affairs affect their input in the office and vice versa. They are a lot of times enthusiastic about projects and always try to contribute to the success of new projects.

Approachable: They give of themselves by teaching their subordinates and not taking the glory for all the jobs done. They are easy to learn from and are quick to put their colleagues through for the good of the team.

Team Player: The employer’s employee is a team player. He does not hoard information that will be beneficial to the team and volunteers to do tasks assigned without grumbling or complaining. A lot of times, he volunteers himself for such tasks.

The year is just starting but we can look forward and ask ourselves, “…and the award for the Employer’s employee of this year goes to…”

What sort of employee are you? If you are the business owner, how will you deal with an employee like yourself? Share with us in the comments.

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  1. One thing most employees wish they got from their employers is constant encouragement. While trying to put in our best, encouraging words only helps to spur us to put in even better effort.

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