The Endgame Of Thrones

Beware, spoilers follow for Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones Seasons 1 – 8 (Episodes 1 and 2) and last week’s panel discussion at WCA: Driven by Difference.

I used to be The First Avenger of the Christian faith. It irked me to hear Christians and Pastors cite unbelievers and atheists as inspirational figures. Whenever I heard names like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Obama thrown in a sermon, I internally rolled my eyes and say, ‘they’re not Christians though’. To me, that made them vastly inferior to us, no matter their accomplishments. However, Philippians 4:8 says ‘Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things’ then I realized that my Tony Stark arrogance was misplaced, because early in the 21st century, as Christians we’ve failed to stay true to our calling, noble in our ways, right about civil issues, pure in our intentions, lovely in our actions and most especially, we’ve greatly failed to be admirable.

In 2019 alone we have witnessed two monumental human feats in entertainment. One is the highest grossing movie of all time (if not by now then eventually), and the other is the most successful Television show of all time. It doesn’t take a ‘wizarding doctor’ to find it Strange that as Christians we claim to be the head and not the tail, and yet we seem to come up at the tail end of almost every industry. The natural counter-argument would be that the world rejects us because we are not of this world, and my response, as Pastor Tunde Adisa puts it would be that “we over-spiritualize too many things.” We’ve misconstrued sanctity as obscurity. If indeed the separation of the Saints means that we would be unpopular in almost every facet of life, then how do you explain the fact that ours is the most popular faith on earth. How can you explain the fact that our festivities like Christmas is one of, if not the largest consumerism driving vehicle of the 21st century? You would say it is because the world has hijacked our property, but that, in itself, puts us to blame, because a pirate cannot hijack a ship without first overthrowing its captain. Why are we not captains of industry? Okay, like Thanos we snapped there, so let’s take a breath.

There are many Christians doing grand things today. Christians who fit the bill of Philippians 4: 8 – there’s Stephen Curry NBA MVP, Tyler Perry a prolific filmmaker and Johnny Drille to name a few, but where are the rest of us. Why are we not the starters of conversations? Why have we failed to express dominion over the earth? If the world hates us, it’s supposed to be in the way MCU fans hate Captain Marvel, because we’re overpowered, unstoppable and the strongest beings in the universe. Instead, they’re mostly irritated by us because we’re as churlish as Rocket Raccoon.

“For things to change, you have to be ready to change something.” Said Pastor Tunde and one of those somethings would be our definition of ambition. It’s perfectly fine that 90% of our testimonies are about the new car or new house that God just gave us. But it’s time to aspire towards testimonies like – us giving families cars, houses and jobs. We must adopt some of that Thanos confidence in our capacities to change the world and say, “I am inevitable”. Like Jon Snow, we must come into the full realization of who we are, not bastards, but Targaryens, rightful heirs to the Iron Throne. Our women must become Mothers of Dragons and raise a new generation – new creations – that will totally tip the scale of war between light and darkness. They must become cunning as Sansa, flexible as Arya, refuse to let the tyranny of Cersei Lannister rob them of their peace. The men must quit letting arrogance and pride lead them into peril like Theon Greyjoy and learn to see the bigger picture, that we battle not flesh and blood, but spiritual ‘White walkers’ – sorry, principalities and powers. The year of the Christian must come again. We ruled this world once; we can do so again. Believers, Assemble!

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