The Entrepreneurial Woman

Does a great idea necessarily translate to a good business?

Today we will do a short synopsis on women and entrepreneurship. So you have a good idea that you are all ‘gung ho’ about? You have a business plan that attracted more than one investor, financials looking enviable, admin, HR and operations all perfect. In 12 months ROI is 100%, but then, you woke up! Alas this was just a dream and on paper.

In reality, your business plan looks all good but on paper, the rubber hits the road at the point of implementing the novel plan.

The role of women have evolved over time and this is not different in the business world. Women all over Nigeria are defying the odds by being successful in professions that were predominantly ran by men. Professions such as photography, film directing, media etc, have seen this evolution at 180 degrees.

However, the journey to becoming a successful female entrepreneur in Nigeria has only just started.

Being a successful female entrepreneur in Nigeria is hurdled by a number of issues. Paramount among the issues is financing for capex and operational cost. Gender inequality still subtly rears its head in some industries. But, despite the many hurdles and thorns on their path, women entrepreneurs are contributing positively to the GDP and growth of Nigeria.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur. Nigeria has (according to the BBC) the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world, hats off to our ‘’#bossladies, #self-made ‘#sheroes’ trending these days. These ladies, whether serial entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SME or MSME business owners have contributed to putting Nigeria in a more positive light.

Most of the female entrepreneurs attribute their success to a higher purpose first and foremost beyond themselves, then to finding a need and developing products and services to meet needs. With this model, you find yourself relevant, solving problems, creating value in exchange for economic returns.

If you ask each of the successful female entrepreneurs none of them took off to a smooth sail. There is a need for a total overhaul of perception of business plan on paper versus the realities of day to day running of the business.

By and large, being a female entrepreneur in Nigeria is not for the faint hearted but whoever does it and is still able to maintain it today as we see, should be honored and well deserving of the crown of a hurdle slayer.

Kudos to all the women out there who are not only running successful businesses but also collaborating with other female colleagues and providing enabling environment for start-ups. There is indeed room for everyone and Nigeria will not only be known as the country with the highest number of female entrepreneurs but a country with the highest and richest number of female entrepreneurs.

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