The Error Of Forgetfulness

We’ve attended so many lectures and teachings that we can hardly remember all the things taught. What you’ll likely remember are the stories and funny comments. It’s one of the reasons Jesus thought in parables.

Two weeks ago I said that if you don’t forget your issues once in a while, you can’t be truly grateful (So forgetfulness is good sometimes but also bad if we can’t use it to reflect on our lives).

Psalm 103 is a product of deep thoughts. David reflects on God’s faithfulness and stirs his spirit to be mindful of God’s grace, mercy and goodness; he told himself “do not forget!” Human memory is short, thus has capacity to be forgetful. What we focus on is what we reflect in our spirit, minds & emotions

I recall a neuro-linguistic programming experience I had when I anchored my thoughts on an event and I cried. God knew the weakness of forgetfulness in man, that’s why He spoke to Moses in Deut 6:9, 11:19 and 31:19, Israelites were just like any human. They kept forgetting the things God did for them. See what God did in Psalm 136:11-26

Marriages also fail because we are very forgetful. Pride soon sets in on people because we forget. Pride starts with a forgetful mind. An example is King Saul in 1 Sam:9.

A 2 minutes of relief makes us forget 2 years of suffering. Just as a day of plenty can make one forget 10 years of poverty. Same way bearing a baby makes one forget years of miscarriages or barrenness. 5 years of no job is forgotten in 3 months of work, we forget so quickly and begin to complain of same job in 2 months of work pressure. 5 years of jumping buses is forgotten in a month with a troublesome car. We even forget we once loved that person that’s special and dear to us like our spouses and we begin to complain about them.

Ease is the enemy of progress. Difficulty is often the catalyst for complaints. Both ease and difficulty have their advantages and disadvantages. That’s why change of status may make us forget God’s deeds.

Human beings have a capacity for deception. The truth must be repeated to us from time to time. If your spirit can’t reach you, you’re finished. If your spouse can’t call you to balance, you’ll self-destruct. People feel more powerful than they are because others give them wrong estimation of themselves (Act 12:23). King Nebuchadnezzar was humbled in the scriptures (Dan 4:33). When you forget your source, you’ll soon dry up

In John 15:5, Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches. He’s our source and we shouldn’t forget that. Proverbs 30:9 summarizes the experience of a man who knew his capacity for wicked adventure but we want the blessings of Abraham because he was blessed and never forgot God. His blessings makes rich, it adds no sorrow.

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