The Executive – The Custodian

Wisdom told a story a long time ago about this mischievous young executive named Joe. Joe was so mischievous, he behaved badly within the organization & forgot the reasons why he was hired. Because the CEO trusted him, he gave him the opportunity to manage his department without much interference.

Joe hired & fired staff at will, he wasted & squandered company resources without restraint. Cutting deals behind the company & dipping his hands in all kinds of shady deals even the CEO never knew about.

Position got to him & literally took hold of him. No one could tame Joe, he considered himself too intelligent & invincible.

Report got to his CEO that he had become arrogant, unnecessarily high handed & wasteful with the company’s resources. So the CEO called for a comprehensive audit of his department, he was found wanting & he lost his job.

Loosing his job was such a traumatic experience for Joe. He had forgotten that he was a custodian of the position & resources committed to him as an executive of the organization.

Now a humbled man, he got another job but not like the previous one. His new boss was very autocratic. A new realization dawned on him, he was in a new dispensation.

As professionals, we need to understand that whatever role we play in the organization, it is held in trust. We are responsible for the position & the opportunities that come with our jobs, we should be accountable.

We can’t afford to get carried away by the fanfare of whatever position we occupy in the work place. We can’t pretend & become insensitive to the workplace environment, to colleagues, subordinates and superiors.

Do your job well with confidence & integrity & every measure of professionalism that you can muster. As good custodian, show how reliable & dependable you can be. It makes people gravitate towards you.

Your reliability increases your chances of growth in your work place. Faithfulness in little enlarges your chances.

It is a fact that even if you’re good on your job it does not infer that others are unimportant or incompetent. Get better at your communication skills. It’s one of the reasons many executives fail faster than they can imagine.

The office is a workplace, not a war zone. Improve on your attitude in the workplace. Attitude is everything. People often see the attitude before they even see you & before they’ll ever know your capabilities.

Show care & concern for people but be firm, assertive & ready to help. The organization will love you for this.

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