The Fear Of Imperfection

Trisha was in serious tears and we wondered why. Why was the maid of honour shedding so many tears? Was it because her bestie and only sister (younger) was being whisked off by the man of her dreams? Was it because it was such a fairy tale wedding and everything looked so perfect? (i.e. tears of joy)

“Trisha, calm down. Don’t let your sister see you crying. It’s her wedding and she needs to be all smiles. Don’t give people the impression you are not happy for your sister.” Kemi said, loudly.

“Hun-Hun???” We all exclaimed, giving Kemi the looks. “Don’t mind her, Trisha. Whatever it is, it will be all right.” We calmed her down and took her back to the venue of the celebration.

She didn’t look so happy, her eyes were red and swollen but I noticed something else. I noticed before she came out, she had touched up her face and was putting up an appearance.

As a beggar came by her side, a little girl not more than 8 years old. All the guests turned to look at Trisha as she yelled at the little girl, slapping off her hand. All because the beggar had touched her. She rained abuses on the girl and didn’t stop even when her sister, the bride, tried to calm her down. It was such an embarrassing moment especially for us on the bridal train as people kept turning to look at our table.

Trisha has a very unpleasant character and we knew this but because her Sister, the bride, was the direct opposite, we condoned her. She was all about appearances and didn’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings while at it. She was the typical ‘princess’. Her make-up was straight from a make-up studio and her nails were always done even at the expense of her natural nails. Trisha thought good looks was all it took to nail a man and stand out in society. So she wore designers, made her hair at celebrity salons and was never caught in low heels or slip-ons. She was gorgeous, but…, there is always a ‘but’.

Trisha should have been married before her sister but she’s never been able to keep a relationship past a year. Once she got engaged but the man broke up with her months to their native wedding because she told his mother, to her face, that she stinks of the village. She had no feelings for the poor, non-educated and locals and she could not hide it. She was proud and arrogant because she thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

A lot of us ladies are like Trisha. We think a pretty face, sexy dressing, good cooking and the expertise in ‘the other room’ are all it takes to keep a man. We never think of our CHARACTER and what it says about us. A good character cannot be underestimated, nor can it be bought.
Wisdom is all it takes to understand who a WOMAN is and what is expected of her and this wisdom can be obtained from reading the bible, praying and obeying the commandments to love your neighbor as yourself. That’s where we are able to develop good character and moral standards.

Think on this, ladies and have a great #WomanWednesday!

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