The Feminist Truth

Dupe felt good with herself. He must have been insane to think she was going to do his dishes because she was the woman.. First day in his house and he wanted to turn her into his slave.

He had first asked what she will cook for them. Being a sharp babe, she had told him she was too tired but they could order food; Chinese to be precise. In her mind, she concluded, they were not even married yet & he expected her to start cooking for him?

Yes, both parents had met and it’s been two years of dating, but to her, that means nothing till the ring appears! Moreover, Dupe wasn’t ready to be pushed around by any man all in the name of being ‘submissive’. She had decided her place was not in the kitchen, neither was it in the other room.

This may turn out to be a major pressure point in their relationship.

Frank watched her go cold. He had never seen that part of her before. Maybe it was because she had never visited him. In his maturity, he took both sets of the dishes & did the washing. In his heart, he believed he was laying an example of ‘mutual submission’.

Unfortunately, Dupe was a pure feminist, ‘twistedly’ sold out to the ideology that women & men are equal, even in marriage… as far as Dupe was concerned, even the bible is in total support of this ideology. Men and women were equal in God’s sight.

Sadly, this is the thought of many women today. They confuse the issue of equality with the leadership position of men in marriage. A man is different from a woman in every way, and so, for the purpose of function, bible insists she defers to him. They play different roles in the family and that was deliberately arranged by the Maker.

The fact is that the women folk are special, powerful and gifted but very delicate. There is no need, competing with the menfolk, you can coexist.

Of course, being a feminist in the pure sense of the word is great – equal opportunities in the community and workplace is fantastic.

However, it takes so much being a woman, there’s no need to devote her life trying to prove what’s not necessary.

Because the woman is delicately fabricated, she should be treated as such even when she’s a ‘Tom boy’. As delicate as a woman is, she is still designed to carry another human being around in her body for at least 9 months and go through the labour experience. Do you think a man can handle such ‘graceful’ calling?

In our bid to fight for our social rights, let’s not forget the biblical perspective and role we, as women, play in the building of a home.

Ladies, defer to your husbands if you’re married; let him lead.

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2 thoughts on “The Feminist Truth”

  1. This is an eye opener God bless you real.
    We are created differently and until we understand that, we will keep having issues.

  2. I remember the days of Knights in shining armor and damsels in distress; that always had a happy ending. The guys knew they had to be strong, provide and protect and the women knew they were weaker than the men and respected and cared for them.

    Then came the days of the “Wonder Woman”. She could wield a sword just like the men, fly the fighter jets, shoot from a long range; she could protect the children, provide for the home and be a voice to reckon with and suddenly, it became all about “equality”.

    Let’s not get it twisted – God’s word still says that men should dwell with their wives in understanding because they are the weaker vessel and women should respect their husbands. It takes a stronger man to lead a strong man (Matthew 12:29) so no matter how “strong” a woman is, her husband has to be “stronger” in one way in order for the relationship to be balanced.

    Even though the world has so changed that women can no longer be relegated to the kitchen; it does not mean that their primary duty is not first to the husband and children. A woman who gets it right in the boardroom and fails in the home front is not a success at all.

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