The Fruitful Couple 2

So, Joke and Soji are still on a roll in their marital bliss, yet to receive reward of the fruit of the womb. We already saw that they met a fertility specialist and were scheduled for fertility/infertility tests.

It’s complex and very complicated to try to narrow down why couples experience delay in conception. Often times it’s not a single factor but a combination of many things, some reasons may be obvious while others are not. While it seems like we spend most of our adult life trying to get a handle on our career and purpose, when we’re ready for making babies, we are in a rush to make it happen.

This is often necessitated by pressure from friends, family and parents and a large dose of anxiety and anticipation. And quite a number of women have fallen victims to the devilish, depraved agents of wickedness.

Soji grumbled a lot in his mind about the tests, he didn’t appreciate all the fuss “about nothing”. He was basking in the status quo, “no cause for alarm” as far as he was concerned. However, he would do anything to make his wife strong and happy. He always recalls with amazement friends whose union had hit the rocks due to delayed conception. “How can?!” He always thought with a shudder. “Such priorities …”. But then he couldn’t blame them, he thought of peer and family pressures.

“Honey, you’re home!” Joke chimed cheerfully as Soji walked into the kitchen after COB. “Wanted to surprise you babe. How was your day?” She always lit up when he came unannounced like that. “Day was good dear” she responded in his arms. “Great day at work and I got the test results”. Joke freed herself from his warm embrace as she stepped away to get the pack of lab test results. He tried to grab her again with a sheepish look on his face, but Joke sprinted off leaving a peal of laughter in her wake.

While He went on to grab a drink, inspect the simmering pots and savior the delicacies emitting such filling fragrance. Sometimes, Joke was concerned he did not exhibit worry about their current barrenness. She really didn’t know what to make of it, but she was happy he was happy and would love to add to it with a baby.

“Apparently” she said and paused to catch his attention as she returned with the results, “there’s nothing medically wrong with us” she said with a flourish in her voice. This was a eureka moment for Soji, all he could say was “Waow!”, paused and fixed his gaze on her for more.

“But” she continued with a ‘wait-for-it’ tone “there’s work we need to do, we need to get a couple of actions right. We are using our chances well but not using our time right”. Staring at her stern looking face “What’s this time and chance thing about again?” he asked. “Can we start dinner while we’re at it? I am famished and I know you don’t listen attentively when hungry, Joke concluded.

Men are usually laid back with such but Women often find it difficult to comprehend. Findout what happened next on #WomanWednesday

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