The Fruitful Couple 3

Joke wanted a baby badly. She felt women got the bad side of the story when a marriage was not blessed with a child. She made demands that Soji found ‘not loving’. Why should they make love at a particular time & in a particular way? It was boring to him but he wanted to please his wife. Unfortunately, she was not pleased with the results. She had developed a habit of running a test every morning as if it was a magic wand & anytime the line showed… disappointment.

Joke’s attitude changed & she became quite irritable, especially when he told her they needed to wait on God. She would burst out saying ‘we are not the first couple going through this so be more understanding’.

The quarrels had started & as much as Joke tried to avoid them, she always started them, this was a source of concern to her. She didn’t understand why she could not control her emotions.

One day, she decided to confided in her pastor’s wife. ‘I understand how you feel my dear, I’ve been through same path’. Joke was amazed to hear this as she listened attentively. Her pastor’s wife advised her to stop longing for the child & start thanking God for a good husband. She warned that the craving for a child could destroy a marriage if it overrides the sacrament of marriage that lies between a husband & a wife. A child is just a blessing not the reason for marriage. This, most people got wrong.

Joke left with a sad heart. Sad that she let the desire for a child take over her love for God. That desire had made her forget God’s faithfulness, love & also almost made her an enemy to her husband.

She got home that evening & prepared a lovely meal, she brought out their finest wine & baked a cake. Soji was astounded but happy at the mood he met when he got home, “I see you are very happy this evening”, he said. “Did it come up positive?” Joke laughed as she pranced to her bag, brought out all the pregnancy strips & to his shock, she emptied them into the bin, dusted her palms, walked up to him & planted a kiss smack on his lips. “Let God do His work in our life. My job is to love & take care of you. I forgot that but a wise woman just reminded me. There are certain things that I cannot help the outcome of, but there are some I can control”.

Soji was so happy. His wife was back to the loving, Godly, caring woman he married. They had dinner & made love without caution and it was no surprise that 3 months later, Joke & Soji visited the doctor not for fertility treatment but to start antenatal classes.

Many women fall prey to society’s stigmatization. We forget that it is not in our control & that patience is a strong virtue. At times like this, when our faith is questioned, it is left to us to stand firm on our belief that Jesus is the author & finisher or fall by the way side and, most times, end in tears that naturally we could have avoided.

As women, we are emotional & can easily fall prey to stories. Be watchful as the thief lurks in the dark to prey on our weaknesses.

If this story blessed you, bless someone else by sharing it and encourage a sister today. God bless you.

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