The Fruitful Couple

Joke was a career woman married to a career man, Soji. Joke loves her job. Their’s wasn’t a marriage of convenience, they were over each other like chocolate cream & ice cream.

They are both blessed in their respective jobs but they are yet to bear any child. Nine years on after their marriage, Joke was still asking, “when will it happen?” in the inner recess of her heart. Joke’s faith hasn’t quite been there to compare with the mustard seed on the balance.

Soji has been so busy all these nine years, a loving gentleman, always happy to get home to Joke. He seemed quite indifferent about offsprings, “We are doing well otherwise”, he would always console himself. He’s never had cause to betray emotions concerning the issues of his life.

Is Soji a man of steel?

He loves the weekend, it was always family/church time for him. He would spend all of it with Joke. Joke has managed well so far to deal with inquisitive friends and family interested in their business. She always responds “it will happen when it happens” to their queries, she’s never really considered there may be an issue.

‘I love you too Soji, take care of youreself and have a great meeting”, she said as she hung up the phone. Soji was out of town for two weeks on a business meeting. It’s like this sometimes. Home alone again! But today it felt different. Joke suddenly felt so lonely. The feeling crept in on her as she returned home in the evening.

She had never felt like this in the whole 9 years and she didn’t want to discard the feeling. She did not even realize how much the years had passed by with all her career pursuits.

“I could actually see an O & G or fertility expert and my pastor too” she thought. Through the years, she’s not had the presence of mind to sort out her private issues, it’s been all work. She’s yet to get a grasp of the full essence of work-life-balance.

At last, Joke made up her mind to see an O & G first, then she’d schedule a meeting with her pastor. She felt a sense of relief that Soji agreed to go with her and actually made the medical and spiritual mission. The O & G, with a fatherly look, scheduled a series of tests for them both. “There’s a need to determine the root cause. The delay may be from any of you or from both of you, given your work schedules, anything is possible”, the doctor said.

She’d always thought she was the problem, but she just realized it may not actually be her…

What did Joke encounter at the gynaecologist’s, and what did her pastor say? Watch out for the concluding half of Joke’s story next week on #WomanWednesday. It’s going to be interesting.

Have a great day and do show love to another woman… we all need it!

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  1. D woman is always d most affected esp cos alot of us dnt knw how to hold back our feelings more so wen it comes to baby issue.After nine yeare believe me she s not tinking abt her husband’s love for her.I look forward to d concluding story…

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