The Game Of Change

Alfred sat and looked at the schematics before him. It would totally change the dynamics of the team but it would be a change for the better. Since he joined the travel firm a year ago, he had observed how the office had been run and he realized that there was an attitude ingrained in the staff that was making them lose customers.

He looked at the dreary office and knew that change required creativity; you can’t have one without the other. He had an idea for changing the staff and office outlook but he needed everybody’s buy-in. He was neither the boss nor was he at the lowest rung of the ladder, so he knew he had to work on his peers and subordinates to bring them on board and then to work with his boss.

Firstly, he spoke with his peers and showed them the part of the plan that concerned them and they fell in love with it as he knew they would. Next, he booked an appointment with his manager and shared the full idea with her. He wrung his hands together as he watched her go through the schematics. The smile that lit up her face told him she was in full support of his plans and he barely held himself back from jumping up and shouting out loud right there in her office.

That, was two months ago. The office was now a livelier place. It was Thursday or as they now call it – Safari Thursday. Everybody was dressed in their brown khaki shorts and green shirts with either a hat or sunglasses. The sound of a roaring lion was heard as the door opened, signalling the arrival of another customer. The soundtrack of the animation movie – ‘Lion King’, could also be heard in the background.

That was the change.

As a Travel Firm that wanted to give their customers fun, excitement and pleasure, their office environment and outlook used to be a far cry from their intentions. So now, they renamed each of the days of the week and had a particular outfit to go with it. Monday was Cruise Monday – Formal clothes, Tuesday – Jungle Tuesday, Wednesday was Tropical – Thursday – Safari, Friday – Rain Forest. Staff were allowed to dress from home or change in the office. Whichever way, more customers were walking in to do business with them and with the traction in business, their salaries increased.

In the aftermath, employees are being encouraged to bring in their ideas with the understanding that no idea is a bad idea.

What creative idea have you had and how did you share it with your colleagues, either as a boss or co-worker? How did it transform your work place? Do share with us in the comments.

This has been #TieThursday!

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