The God That Does Not Put To Shame

Last Sunday during the Church service, Pastor Tunde asked what God means to us. I didn’t get the opportunity to answer. I believe He is “God that doesn’t put to shame” (Oba tí ki dójú tini).

Couple of times God has shown himself to me in that manner, He has always come through for me. This testimony means a lot to me and I also do not trivilize His miracles.

I’ve not had power supply in my area since Monday 2nd October. I’ve been juggling generator and inverter. On Saturday, I had to do a job (pair of sneakers and a bag) urgently to be delivered Sunday morning in church. I got tired while on the job and got up to leave, my house help asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to finish the work at night because I was too tired. She encouraged me to finish since I was almost done instead of leaving till later. I heeded her advice and finished both jobs.

The inverter went off at a point during the day and we decided to wait till evening before switching on the power generator. Fast forward to evening and the generator wouldn’t just come on. We took it to an engineer immediately because it was our last resort.

It was was 7pm when we got home from fixing the generator only to discover that it wouldn’t power anything. We tried repeatedly, called the engineer, but he didn’t pick up his call. At about past 10pm we surrendered. The lamp and phones were dead. My help brought torchlights she got from lighters that I bought during the week. I was surprised because that was the first time I bought such lighters that my husband said were usually for cigarettes. It was then I realized that finishing the bag and sneakers when I did and buying those lighters for the first time in ten years was all part of God’s plan just like my Pastor had said last week that everything that happens to you in life is all part of his plan.

Then I started thanking and praising God because if I hadn’t heeded my helps voice I wouldn’t have been able to deliver the items on schedule. Also, before we went to bed, I prayed for a miracle on our power supply situation.

Next morning we needed to iron clothes for church. My daughter reminded me about my prayer for power supply and asked how come God didn’t answer. I was going to answer her that because it seemed He hadn’t answer didn’t mean he wouldn’t, however, I chose to keep quiet and went into the room.

I started thanking God. I said even if there was no power supply, the orders were ready and we had torch lights to use. Right there and then, electricity supply was restored after six days of darkness!

I ran to the sitting room and told my daughter that the God that doesn’t put to shame had came through for me!!! My daughter reacted by saying, “Mummy you know what? God always answers your prayers.”

Indeed he is the God that doesn’t put to shame. At the verge of shame he always comes through for us

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